Enhancing safety of all applications for land based tank storage facilities

With the installation of the Svanehøj DW pump on top of the tank, the Norwegian facility operator enhanced safety for thousands of employees and reduced the risk of pollution to the industrial site.

Easy Maintenance – Less Down Time

The pumps explosion-proof electric motor and controls are mounted outside on top of the tank. This minimises down time significantly, which reduces maintenance costs, and keeps the plant working effectively.


  • Environmentally safe
  • Reliable for all types of fluids
  • Significantly reduced risk of downtime
  • Low operation costs year after year
  • Easy and safe service with minimum costs

Fail- and Leak-proof - Environmentally Safe

The Svanehøj DW cargo pumps are mounted on top of the tank or silo, which enhances the safety level, as it minimizes the risk of leakages. No joints at the bottom of the tank, and no corroding fittings that need replacement. This makes Svanehøj DW Cargo pumps an operational and environmentally safer solution.


Low operation costs

The Svanehøj DW cargo pump solutions operate at a very low cost. Not only due to their energy efficiency, but also because of easy maintenance and minimal down time.

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