Adapt to Carbon Capture and Storage

Our pumps can handle all types of gas cargo at all temperatures and gravities without any component changes, including LNG, CO2, LPG, ammonia, ethane and ethylene.


Decades of experience with CO2 carriers opens doors

Svanehøj has been chosen to supply pump systems for the CO2 carriers that will transport liquid CO2 to the new Northern Lights reservoir off Bergen, Norway. Proven experience with CO2 pumps makes the difference. 

Engineered to handle CO2 


At Svanehøj we contribute with quality and performance that supports the growing industry of carbon capture and storage. 


  • Low pressurized CO2 with pressure down to 4.2 bar which together with the unique design of the Svanehøj DW Pump ensures a low NPSHr and reduces the risk of caviation and dry ice formation. 
  • Fully pressurised tankers, cargo at ambient temperature, tank pressure up to 20 bar. 
  • Semi-refrigerated tankers, cargo liquified by cooling/pressure process down to (-55°)

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