Developing a complete propulsion system based on green ammonia

As a leading manufacturer of DW fuel and cargo pumps, and conscious about our environmental impact, Svanehøj has worked with future fuels for years.


As a result, Svanehøj’s is very far with green proven solutions and take part in a global project that aims to have an ammonia-powered vessel engine ready for market next year.

Safeguarding your investment wherever the fuelling transition takes you


No one knows yet which marine fuel will be the preferred in the future. With no one wanting to make the wrong choice, Svanehøj has designed a multistage centrifugal deepwell fuel pump that enables ships to comply with both liquid gas fuels as well as synthetic carbon free electro-fuels.


This makes our DW Fuel Pump solution a future-proof and safeguarded investment aided in no small measure by safe, proven, and reliable technology.

Green ammonia meets the maritime need for carbon free fuels


There are many good reasons why the maritime industry has high hopes for green ammonia as the fuel for the future and herald is as one of the best carbon-free fuel options – in particular for ocean-going vessels.


The smelly and low-cost fertilizer emits no carbon dioxide or harmful pollutants when it is burned. Moreover, it can be made using renewable electricity, water, and air. Last but not least, it has 10 times the energy density of a lithium-ion battery. As a result, a vessel can go on for days and weeks at sea and still have plenty of room for cargo.


Ticking all environmental- and business friendly boxes, green ammonia is destined to play a pivotal role in our transition to clean and sustainable fuels. It now comes down to ensure the right and safe technical solution as well as a global infrastructure, so ships can fill ammonia tanks wherever they dock.

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