Svanehøj Service Solutions

Svanehøj Service Solutions offers end-to-end services for cargo pumps, compressors, valves and instrumentation – no matter technology or origin of manufacturer. Backed up by experienced specialists and unique competences – all in one place – you will always be able to rely on the right help at the right time.

ONE-STOP Service provide


Svanehøj is the leading service provider of inspections, service and calibration of cargo-equipment on gas, product and chemical carriers. Our unique combination of services will provide you with fast and pro-active troubleshooting, lower costs and cooperation with one OEM representative supplier only.

Better together

Reliable service builds on trust and letting customers focus on their job. Everything we do at Svanehøj Service Solutions is tailored to ensure this. As a result, you will always know your contact person in service from the start - and we know that we never begin before we have in-depth knowledge of your challenges. Combined  with thorough planning and skilled expertise this sets you up for safe and productive operations, 24/7.


Anything but standard

One size never fits all at Svanehøj Service Solutions. We believe that rigid service concepts reduce agility as well as individual strengths.  Thus, all our solutions are tailored to fit your specific needs. It is simple: In order to stay ahead and perform efficiently and sustainably it is better for you to have a full range of services that are more than standard.  

Pushing new boundaries

The maritime industry evolves constantly. Our most important task as a global service partner is to push on and ensure that you get the most out of the technological innovations. 


Our approach to future-proof services comes with testing, measuring and knowledge sharing with customers as well as close partnerships with leading institutions and researchers from all over the world. 


Certifications matters

We aim for superior quality and reliability at Svanehøj Service Solutions. Our certifications prove the point. We are authorised by major equipment suppliers to carry out service and supply OEM spare parts.

Let's talk


Are you interested in learning more about our wide range of services, or do you have an urgent need for support, please contact one of our colleagues below.