Pump solutions

Our Svanehøj pump program consists of different types of pumps for various applications within the marine industry. United by the same technology – deepwell – one of the unique features identical for all our pumps is that they are designed for offloading all types of liquids at all temperatures from vessel to land terminal, making them highly competitive and future proof.

Land solutions

Svanehøj Tank Control Systems develops and produce cutting-edge technologies that enhance the safety of LNG, cryogenic and refrigerated storage – both onshore and offshore. Svanehøj Tank Control systems is located in France and offers a complete range of gauges and software for monitoring LNG tanks.

After sales

Meeting customer needs from one end to the other. Svanehøj Service Solutions is a specialised service partner. We deliver customized one-stop service on all cargo pumps, compressors, valves and instrumentation for the product or chemical carriers.