Purpose and values

Our diversity and unique personalities make us who we are and define the Svanehøj DNA. Our name carries a commitment - both in the field and within the organisation where 265 employees each day carry out our work based on carefully selected core values to ensure that we provide the advice, service, quality and reliability expected of us. Our values are fundamental for us to realise our ambitions and secure our future business why every employees in Svanehøj must know and conform to our values.


At Svanehøj we have a strong purpose; we want to contribute to a greener world through close partnerships and trusted future proof solutions. No one can change the world alone. Like everyone else, we have to reach out to the world. We will collaborate and share knowledge and experience with other companies, researchers, institutions and networks. Cooperation and openness make us stronger and better at finding answers and solutions.

Diverse skills and talents

At Svanehøj we believe that it makes good business sense to leverage our entire workforce's diverse skills and talents regardless of gender, age, race, origin, ethnicity, cultural background, disability, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs. We believe in offering opportunities for everybody to reach their career potential.

We hire, develop, promote and maintain our employees based on their talent and commitment and the results they achieve,
We commit to being an inclusive workplace and, amongst others give the flexibility needed to create jobs for employees with different needs.

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Our name carries a commitment – both in the field and within the organization – therefore, we carry out our work based on carefully selected core values to ensure that we provide the advice, service, quality, and reliability expected of us.


In addition, our values are fundamental for us to realize our ambitions and secure our future business. Therefore, every employee in Svanehøj must know and conform to our values.


Our diversity and unique personalities make us who we are and define the DNA for Svanehøj.