A story of hard work and relentless ingenuity

At Svanehøj, we are proud of our history, which lasts almost a century. It is a story of vision, ambition, hard work and relentless ingenuity closely linked to our present activities and future goals. 


Svanehøj was founded in 1928 in Aalborg, Denmark, by marine engineer F. Dam. Shaped by his own experiences at sea, he decided to head back onshore and develop better and more reliable marine pumps. Delivering high quality and living up to the most stringent requirements, F. Dam got off to a good start and continued to expand the business of Svanehøj throughout the next decades.


What made Svanehøj a pump manufacturer in high demand was not only the reliability and in-depth understanding of customer needs but also the continuous improvement of solutions; the idea that you could always do better. 


With the development of the deepwell pumps at the beginning of the 1960s, Svanehøj reached a provisional milestone. The innovative and efficient deepwell pumps set a completely new standard at the time and made Svanehøj relocate to the current facilities in Svenstrup, Denmark, in 1966.


Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Svanehøj made steady progress in optimized and best-in-class solutions for cargo pumps and safe handling of complicated fluids. Later with the development of the DW Fuel pump, Svanehøj has again set new standards for the industry. In 1985, after 57 years of family ownership, Ove Dam, son of F. Dam, handed over the keys to a conglomerate of business partners. A few years later, Svanehøj was acquired by Hamworthy Pumps and in 2012 by Wärtsilä.

This lasted until 2018, when Svanehøj was acquired by the investment company, Solix. Svanehøj Group A/S was established as the parent company, and Svanehøj became an independent brand again. 


The innovative craftmanship at Svanehøj has continued, and with the launch of the DW fuel pump solutions in 2015, Svanehøj broke new ground thanks to its combability with any kind of fuel from LNG, LPG to ethane, methanol, and ammonia. 


Simultaneously building the market's most extensive service and aftersales business as a full-scope provider of inspection, service, and calibration of cargo equipment on gas and energy tankers, Svanehøj became a significant supplier and partner in the green energy transition.


This success did has not gone unnoticed and as of 2024 Svanehøj Group A/S is now part of the U.S. based multi-industrial company, ITT Inc. – a leading worldwide manufacturer of customized technology solutions for transportation, industrial and energy markets.


Together with ITT Inc, which has activities in more than 35 countries, Svanehøj is geared to accelerate its growth plans, drive new commercial synergies and more than anything: sustaining its long-term contributions to powering a better future.

People Trust Innovation Excellence Cost-effective
We believe the strength of our company lies in the competences of our people.
We believe that we earn the trust we give – and that trust is the key to valuable and successful relations.
We strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do.
We strive to be second to none in all of our dealings.
We strive to create efficient work habits and to deliver excellent performance, to stay competitive in the market.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management

The main aspects of our QHSE management system relate to compliance with customer's requirements, legislation, identifying and minimising QHSE risks, implementing effective QHSE programmes and instructions, and the continual improvement of QHSE performance.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy


Svanehøj is a leading specialist in handling critical liquids and cryogenic fuel solutions with a renewable-ready product portfolio. 


We design, manufacture, sell and service high-quality pumps for fuel systems and cargo handling solutions for the shipping sector, as well as deliver reliable marine gauges. 


We focus on lifecycle performance to enhance our customers’ business and benefit the environment being:
• Reliable and safe
​​​​​​​• Efficient and environmentally sound
• Compliant with the applicable legal requirements, regulations, and other requirements


We continue to improve our performance and reduce adverse environmental impact to satisfy our customers and other stakeholders.


We give top priority to prevent occupational injuries and illness by maintaining safe and healthy workplaces for our employees and partners in all our business operations. We give everyone the authority to stop work if conditions are unsafe or quality is compromised.


We set objectives and seek continual improvements in our QHSE performance. We are committed to eliminate defects, hazards and reduce QHSE related risks.


We promote consultation and participation of employees to ensure that our QHSE principles are enforced and continually improved.




Søren Kringelholt Nielsen

Group Chief Executive Officer