Supplying all pumps for gas handling on LPG carriers made the singular difference

The patented high-pressure fuel pump makes Svanehøj the only manufacturer on the market who can supply all pumps for LPG cargo and fuel systems.


As a result, Svanehøj was preferred provider to deliver fuel-, cargo- and booster pumps for two Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGC), setting a new standard within compatible, future-proof solution.

Safeguarding your investment wherever the fuelling transition takes you


No one knows yet which marine fuel will be the preferred in the future. With no one wanting to make the wrong choice, Svanehøj has designed multistage centrifugal deepwell fuel pump which enables vessels to comply with both current and future requirements, as it is fully compatible with LNG as well as all liquid gas fuels and synthetic carbon free electro-fuels.


This makes Svanehøj’s fuel pump solution both a future-proof and safeguarded investment aided in no small measure by a proven track record and safe and reliable technology.

LPG is significantly cleaner than fossil fuels


The maritime industry needs to improve its carbon footprints – especially its emissions to air. In an ideal world all vessels and carriers would operate on carbon-free fuels from tomorrow, but this is not possible by a long stretch.


While we need to undertake this transition, replacing traditional fossil fuels altogether, LNG is for the time being among the best alternatives fuels for the maritime industry.


Switching to LNG provides significant advantages, by meeting increasing regulatory requirements, offering enhanced competitiveness, and last but not least reduction of CO2-emissions and other harmful pollutants.

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