06999 Customised Hydraulic Control Unit

An ideal customized solution for large pressurized liquefied gas installations that require a large number of hydraulic operating lines or when specific options are needed in a project.


Our 06999 gives you a wide range of options:

  • Closed enclosure with doors
  • Pneumatic control system
  • Pressure sensors and switches
  • Redundant electrical pumps
  • Electrical enclosures including lamps and push buttons
  • Cooling fans and more on request.

05999 Compact Hydraulic Control Unit

A fully modular and easy to maintain concept. Our 05999 control board is designed to operate up to 5 hydraulic lines, all integrated in a very compact design whichever the options selected. This enables a fast delivery and cost-effective solution. The frame, oil tank, pipework and fittings/couplings are all made of stainless steel for durability.

Compliant for use in ATEX zone 2. Upgrade in ATEX zone 1 possible on request.