Services for LPG Carriers

  • Cargo, Booster and Fuel Pumps


    Skilled and certified and with in-depth knowledge of both technology and processes, our specialists provide fast troubleshooting, repair, retrofit, and overhaul of all types of pumps – planned, intermediate and in case of unexpected breakdowns.


    We operate during dry dock, voyage, and cargo operations – whatever is best and most convenient for you – and we always enable effortless access to genuine spare parts.

  • Cargo and cooling compressors


    Regardless of manufacturer or the complexity of your compressor system we deliver high-quality service and maintenance certified by Burckhardt Compression and MyCom – both planned and in case of unexpected breakdowns.


    As specialists we have in-depth knowledge of the technology and every component. This ensures you fast repair and reducing potential downtime to a minimum.

  • Safety relief valves (SRV)


    Fully functional safety relief valves are critical to safe operations. Serving as a trusted and experienced end-to-end partner we provide planned maintenance, testing and repair of valves from various manufacturers, including:


    • Fukui
    • Leser
    • Anderson Greenwood
    • Luceat
    • NBS
    • SNRI
    • Korval


    We perform our services wherever it suits you: In dry dock, in operation or during voyage. With every service follows recommendations, documentation, and approved certification.

  • Calibration services


    Precise calibration and certification of measuring systems is essential to ensure correct and optimal safety. Our specialists are trained and highly experienced and can solve any problem with pressure, temperature, level gauges and fixed gas detection.


    We repair, test, and calibrate all systems;


    • Svanehoj (Whessoe)
    • Henri Systems (Enraf)
    • Musasino
    • Kongsberg


    and we perform our services during dry dock, operation, or voyage. This includes access to original spare parts engineered and calibrated for immediately plug’n’play.

  • CTMS JC Verification


    As one of the few global service solutions providers, we can carry out both testing and re-verification of CTMS and present the result to the Japanese customs through a trusted agent. The Japanese customs then issues the approval after receiving the Svanehøj certificate.


    Verifications can be performed at dry dock, during voyage, at anchorage or during cargo operations depending on the installed level gauge equipment.

Service, repair & training wherever you are

Svanehøj Service Solutions have facilities and dedicated specialists operating from most parts of the world. This means that your vessels are never far away from skilled and competent maintenance.


In our workshops in Denmark and Singapore, we carry out overhaul and repairs of critical equipment, regardless of manufacturer.


When field service is needed, we arrive quickly from Denmark, France, Singapore, China, Korea, Japan and California and provide troubleshooting, repair as well as onsite training



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