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No one knows yet which marine fuel will be the preferred in the future. With no one wanting to make the wrong choice, Svanehøj has designed a multistage centrifugal deepwell fuel pump that enables ships to comply with both liquid gas fuels as well as synthetic carbon free electro-fuels.


This makes our DW Fuel Pump solution a future-proof and safeguarded investment aided in no small measure by safe, proven, and reliable technology.

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Methanol meets the maritime need for cleaner fuels


Methanol has lower carbon emissions when used as a fuel than conventional marine fuels – up to 90% less. But what it makes just as valuable are two facts: It can be produced using only renewable resources, such as wind, sun, and biomass and secondly: It can be handled and transported under normal temperatures and pressure.


Given this – and the decarbonization goals of the International Maritime Organizations (IMO) – the prospects of methanol being a green alternative fuel for the future are positive. In fact, the first container vessels fueled by carbon-neutral methanol are already underway.


Simultaneously, relying on an existing global infrastructure and technology, methanol fuel could map out a cost-effective path towards zero or net-zero carbon solutions.

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