LNG is significantly cleaner than other fossil fuels


The maritime industry needs to improve its carbon footprints – especially its emissions to air. In an ideal world all vessels and carriers would operate on carbon-free fuels from tomorrow, but this is not possible by a long stretch.


While we need to undertake this transition, replacing fuel oil altogether, LNG is for the time being among the best alternatives fuels for the maritime industry. LNG is a marine fuel in increasing demand. By replacing traditional fuel with LNG, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 30%. Simultaneously, most of the harmful NOx and SOx particles are suppressed and particle emissions will be reduced. 


Switching to LNG provides significant advantages, by meeting increasing regulatory requirements, offering enhanced competitiveness, and last but not least reduction of CO2-emissions and other harmful pollutants.

Our full-scale LNG fuel program 

HPP Triplex Pump Unit

The HPP Triplex Pump Unit is designed to meet the demand for an efficient and high-performing LNG fuel supply system. With the addition of the new pump unit Svanehøj is the one- stop supplier for both low- and high-pressure LNG fuel pump solutions throughout the green transition.


Fuel pump solutions for dual-fuel LNG container vessels

Until a few years ago, the use of LNG as a marine fuel was limited to LNG carriers and smaller vessels but now deep-sea, ocean-going vessels such as container ships also stand in line to switch to the eco-friendlier fuel. 


Svanehøj supplies once more one of Asia’s biggest shipbuilders with dual-fuel pump solutions for LNG container vessels, making Svanehøj responsible for more than 50% of the market share.

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