Pump solutions for all vessel types

At Svanehøj our product range in deepwell gas pumps ensures suitability for almost all needs and we tailor gas pump solutions for all vessel types. Our pumps can handle all types of gas cargo at all temperatures and gravities without any component changes, including LPG, ammonia, ethane, ethylene and LNG.


New booster pump for high-pressure suction solutions

Svanehøj launches a new bigger and even more energy efficient booster pump for up to 40 bar outlet pressure. This ensures a more sustainable output for VLGC and VLECs. 

This new improved booster pump solution meets our clients’ need for cargo pump systems for liquified gasses and a more sustainable shipping future.

State of the art design

Our design is especially distinguished by having the electric motor of
the pump located outside the tank which eliminates excess heat and pressure.
This ensures that energy loss is avoided.

Typical applications NMB Booster Pump

Svanehøj's NMB Booster pump for lighter liquid gases. 

The NMB series of pumps acts as boosters, to increase discharging pressure when offloading lighter cargoes, i.e. low specific gravity cargoes.

Capacity: 150 -1000 m3/h


The NMB series of pumps have stainless steel metallic parts in contact with the cargoes, self-actuating pressure setting of the shaft sealing system, easy accessible shaft bearings and sealings, and heavy duty flexible coupling connected to the e-motor.

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