The sale of Svanehøj’s patented DW Fuel Pumps for gas broke all records in 2020. Moreover, a significant increase in orders for LNG-powered vessels further increases demand.


In the first quarter of 2021, the number of orders for new LNG vessels has exceeded the number of orders throughout 2020. This was announced by news and marketing platform LNG Prime with reference to DNV’s platform for alternative fuels.


The increasing demand for LNG ships is good news for the environment. LNG is admittedly a fossil gas but is significantly cleaner than other fossil fuels. By replacing oil with LNG as a marine fuel, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 30%. At the same time, the vast majority of the harmful NOX and SOX particles are suppressed.


At Svanehøj, LNG has long been seen as the obvious intermediate fuel for the marine industry in the transition from oil to the CO2 neutral marine fuel of the future. The company launched a Deepwell (DW) Fuel Pump to handle liquefied gas in 2016 and is currently experiencing markedly increasing demand. In 2020, sales of DW Fuel Pumps grew by as much as 300%. The new data from DNV support Svanehøj’s expectation that sales will grow further in the coming years.


Fuel pump for all types of liquefied gas


“Years ago, we predicted that a market would emerge for LNG as a marine fuel, which is why we developed the DW Fuel Pump. It is a future-proof solution because it can handle all types of liquefied gas. We have supplied fuel pumps for handling LNG, LPG, ethane and ammonia, which is considered to be one of the best proposals for the CO2-neutral fuel of the future,” says Sales Director Johnny Houmann.


Svanehøj’s reference list includes a wide range of ship types: cruise ships, ferries, Ro-Ro ships, fishing vessels, bunker ships, car carriers, chemical tankers, etc.


“We are experiencing particularly high demand from cruise and tanker companies, but we are also starting to see a demand for container vessels. It is a segment that we have very high expectations for,” says Johnny Houmann.


Svanehøj has just delivered a DW Fuel Pump solution for a new cruise ship for TUI Cruises and has additional orders for TUI, MSC and Princess Cruises. Within the tanker segment, Svanehøj has just delivered DW Fuel Pumps for two new LNG-powered shuttle tankers for Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers.


Want to know more?


The Svanehøj DW fuel pump is a classic multistage centrifugal pump that enables ships to comply with both current and future requirements, as it is fully compatible with all liquid gas fuels as well as synthetic carbon-free electrofuels.


By placing all sensitive components such as the electric motor, seals and bearing systems outside the tank, Svanehøj has reduced maintenance costs considerably and removed one of the primary contributors to temperature rise and boil off-gas.


The pump is designed for a 25,000 hour / 5-year service interval. But if needed, the motor, bearing, and pump can be easily accessed at any time between regular service dockings – regardless of tank content and the liquid level inside the tank. More info at https://www.svanehoj.com/business-area/fuel-pumps-en/