Clean Technology – Clean Choice

Electric cargo pumps are the eco-friendlier choice, with noticeable energy savings and significantly lower CO2 emissions compared to hydraulic alternatives. In a study by Deltamarin Ltd. vessels with electric pumps save 11-17% cargo handling fuel, compared to vessels with hydraulic pumps.

greener future - improved aer 


The Svanehøj electric cargo pumps contribute to a better AER result (Annual Efficiency Ratio) through a more efficient energy usage. The increasing focus on environmental aspects throughout every product lifecycle means customers will be more and more aware of their transporter’s emissions. The CII and AER – and their future equivalents – will progressively be seen as a license to trade.

prepared for digitization 


Svanehøj electric deep well cargo pump systems are prepared for the digitization of shipping. The electrical drive system is designed to suit your preferences in terms of scope of monitoring, flexibility and redundancy. And our electric system can be customized according to your needs and integrated to run other applications on board.

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