We make it uncomplicated to adapt to
Carbon Capture and Storage


At Svanehøj our flexible product range in DW gas pumps is able to handle
all types of gas cargo including CO2. Serveral CO2 carriers around the world are already equipped with a Svanehøj pump solution and have been for the last decade which has given us valuable knowledge and experience in producing and servicing equipment for carbon capture and storage.


With our in-depth experience and a proven track-record, we make it uncomplicated to adapt to the fast-growing world of carbon-neutral solutions - helping the world in the transition
to a greener tomorrow.

Our pumps can handle all types of gas cargo at all temperatures and gravities without any component changes, including LNG, CO2, LPG, ammonia, ethane and ethylene.

Engineered to handle CO2

At Svanehøj we contribute with quality and performance that supports the growing industry of carbon capture and storage.


  • Low pressurized C02 with pressure down to 4.2 bar which together with the unique design of the Svanehøj DW Pump ensures a low NPSHr and reduces the risk of cavitation and dry ice formation.
  • Fully pressurised tankers, cargo at ambient temperature, tank pressure up to 20 bar.
  • Semi-refrigerated tankers, cargo liquified by cooling/pressure process down to (-55 °C)


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is on a path for a cleaner world?

Solutions for Carbon Capture and Storage

If we want to reach the global climate goals a united effort among industries is required. Carbon Capture and storage is one of the most future-proof concepts. The technologies evolve rapidly and call for a new scale of CO2-transportation and for larger carriers with a reliable pump

technology. The world needs to embrace sustainable solutions to reduce CO2-emissions and minimize the negative effects of climate change. The transition begins by phasing out fossil fuels and convert to renewable energy types.


At Svanehøj we are committed to being a sustainable partner. Designed to be a safe, reliable and highly adaptable our pumping solutions will support the shipping industry – as well as other industries – with a fast and complete transition to zero-carbon processes.

Well-proven technology

Svanehøj is a market-leading pump manufacturer specialized in multi-gas pumping systems for future proof sustainable solutions.


With almost a century of experience Svanehøj has developed an unparalleled technology which is among the most effective and reliable in the market.


Our skilled and passionate team strives to ensure excellence support and the best and most effective service around the world.

We are Svanehøj

With nearly 100 years in the market, we have thorough knowledge of the marine industry. We strive to be at the forefront of the developments and needs of the industry as well as society and our customers.


Our work is customer-centric, and our organisation is agile, solution- oriented and able to provide the right technical solutions to translate the needs and challenges of customers into meaningful results.


When it comes to our customers, we have a commercial mindset and believe in transparency throughout the entire value chain, from sales, manufacturing and project realisation to service and after-sales.