Pump solutions for all vessel types

At Svanehøj our product range in deepwell gas pumps ensures suitability for almost all needs and we tailor gas pump solutions for all vessel types. Our pumps can handle all types of gas cargo at all temperatures and gravities without any component changes, including LPG, ammonia, ethane, ethylene and LNG.

State of the art design

Our design is especially distinguished by having the electric motor of the pump located outside the tank which eliminates excess heat and pressure. This ensures that significant energy loss is avoided and makes it possible to pump to a lower level compared to designs where motors are located inside the tank.


Finally the design allows easy and safe servicing of critical components with minimum interference with efficient operation.


DW Cargo pumps - Gas

Get access to our extensive experience in the marine industries and expert advice to help you choose the right LPG pump, ammonia pump, ethane pump, ethylene pump or LNG pump to meet your demands and challenges. Our dedicated project teams deliver solutions for vessels from the smallest fully pressurised push barges and dedicated CO2 carriers to the largest fully refrigerated VLGCs.


NMB Booster Pumps

Foot-mounted single stage overhung centrifugal pump. The NMB series of pumps have stainless steel metallic parts in contact with the cargoes, self-actuating pressure setting of the shaft sealing system, easy accessible shaft bearings and sealings, and heavy duty flexible coupling connected to the e-motor.

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