Huge cargo pump-order for new LR1 tankers


The need for increased efficiency is driving a change in the P&C tanker market, where electric pumps offer financial, environmental, and operational benefits. Svanehøj has just been chosen to supply its electric deepwell cargo pump solution for four LR1 tanker newbuilds.


Guangzhou Shipyard International is building four new LR1 tankers for delivery in 2026 and 2027, and Svanehøj has been chosen to supply a total of 72 electrically driven pumps for the four sizeable ships. Each ship will be equipped with deepwell cargo pumps, slop pumps, and ballast pumps, providing the owner with significant benefits regarding efficiency, operation, and maintenance.


According to a study by Deltamarin Ltd., vessels equipped with electric cargo pumps save 11-17% fuel on cargo operations compared to vessels using hydraulic pumps. Because the electric pump system uses energy more efficiently, it will contribute to a better AER result (Annual Efficiency Ratio) and help meet the continuously increasing demands of the EEDI. Other benefits are longer service intervals, lower noise during offloading, and a future-proof pump system, prepared for the net-zero emissions target by 2050 and the digitization of shipping.


Demand for more eco-friendly pump solutions

Historically, LR1 or Panamax-sized ships have predominantly been equipped with hydraulic cargo pumps. These vessels, known for having the largest possible passage through the Panama Canal, often need customized solutions because of their complex requirements and the demanding conditions at sea. However, even on this scale, environmental efficiency has become increasingly critical. Consequently, shipowners are adopting more eco-friendly pump solutions to meet market demands and new legislation.


The compact design of the Svanehøj deepwell centrifugal pump reduces the weight of the cargo pump system by up to 15 tons and the installation space required by up to 60 m2, thereby adding flexibility, which will benefit the four LR1 tankers. The pumps are mounted on the deck, which allows easy access and more space for cargo. Svanehøj’s deepwell cargo pumps incorporate features that improve discharge efficiency and reduce fuel consumption while also minimizing noise nuisance, which is an increasing environmental issue in ports worldwide.


A very optimistic market

The market outlook for P&C tankers looks strong in both 2024 and the following years. According to Lars Bo Kirkegaard (Sales Director, Energy, in Svanehøj), the newbuilding activity in the tanker segment is expected to continue rising due to several factors.


- We are looking into a very optimistic market within the tanker segment, says Lars Bo Kirkegaard.

Today, ships must deliver cargo over longer distances, and tanker owners are taking advantage of favorable market conditions supported by high freight rates. In parallel, ESG requirements drive demand towards younger and more efficient vessels.


- Older vessels are much less efficient than newer ones. They consume more fuel, which means higher emissions and costs. In all ship sizes, the market opts more and more for environmentally responsible and efficient pump alternatives, such as our electric deepwell pump, says Lars Bo Kirkegaard.


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