Starting from scratch has brought success to Aftersales in Calais


The aftersales activities at Svanehøj France are growing steadily. Meet Service Manager Axel Proc, who is shaping the new aftersales department in Calais.


Following the acquisition of Wärtsilä Tank Control Systems in early 2022, Svanehøj set out to increase focus on service and aftersales in the new business unit for land-based activities in Calais. Therefore, Axel Proc was chosen to lead a new aftersales department in Calais.


- It was clear that we had to start from a clean slate to build the type of service organization Svanehøj is known for. Therefore, we had to consider a wide range of elements. I had a broad scope of experiences – both technical and businesswise – so Svanehøj trusted me to draw the right lines towards the direction we, as an organization, wanted to go, explained Axel Proc.


Axel Proc has a master’s degree in electronics and instrumentation as well as marketing later on. He started working as a service engineer at WHESSOE, and in 2012 he began working as a product manager and technical advisor for the sales department at Wärtsilä. Prior to Svanehøj’s acquisition, Axel was involved in business strategies as a Marketing & Business development manager.


A clear direction

A successful aftersales business requires a strong focus on transparency, response, support, and relationships. Therefore, the philosophy is to serve the clients throughout the lifecycle of their installation and secure a trustworthy relationship with them. Long-lasting relations are essential to ensure continuous product development and innovation.


- It helps a great deal to hear and help our clients on-site following an installation. From that, we can learn and keep innovating our line of products. Thanks to our readiness to serve our clients 24/7, we are now running fast and have passed our financial expectations. So, we are proud of how we have shaped and developed the aftersales organization to be successful, explained Axel Proc.


Ready for the next step

The aftersales team has grown from four to seven in the last year, Axel Proc included. He appreciates the quality and mentality the new members bring to the team.


- They understand our mission, values, and where we are in the process. It is inspiring to be involved from the beginning and influence how your workplace takes shape. We are still in a flow of motivation, and everyone is ready to take the next step, said Axel Proc.


He explains that if the order intake is maintained at the current high level, the aftersales department will be looking for additional talents to join the team.


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