Svanehøj is a company with multiple career opportunities. The main philosophy is that the strength of the company lies in the competencies of the employees.


These are some of the reasons why trade economist Mikkel Iversen applied for a traineeship at Svanehøj. He was offered a position – and a great opportunity to develop his professional and personal competencies.


“I am a part of a great work environment and purchasing team. We are good at complementing and helping each other, and we get much work done while at the same time having lots of fun. At Svanehøj, the focus is on the individual’s well-being, and management provides all tools necessary”, says Mikkel Iversen.


During his internship at Svanehøj, Mikkel has participated in negotiating agreements with both suppliers and subcontractors.


“Svanehøj operates in a global market and has a strong focus on its supply chain and the well-being of suppliers. The larger order we place with a supplier, the lower the production price the supplier can obtain. This reduces the cost price for Svanehøj. It is a win-win for both parties - and in line with Svanehøj's value of being cost-effective”, says Mikkel.


Following his internship, Mikkel was offered a permanent position at Svanehøj. In January he returned to the company after handing in his final thesis to graduate as MSc in Supply Chain Management and International Trade. Now, as a full-time part of the Svanehøj team as Production and Planning Assistant.