ESG: The health and safety of our people is key in Svanehøj


In Svanehøj, we regard people as our most valuable asset. That is why ensuring the health and safety of our employees is an important focus area in our ESG strategy.


As an ISO 45001-certified company, we have worked with our management system to ensure a safe and preventive work environment for years. But as part of our ESG strategy, we have committed even stronger to fostering the best possible working conditions for all employees.


In early 2023, we reorganized our occupational health and safety (OHS) organization to strengthen preventive OHS efforts and make health and safety conditions more visible to employees.


- The social aspect of ESG is about improving the well-being of all, and through the ESG strategy, we place an even greater focus on employees' health. In the OHS organization, we both work on concrete initiatives to improve the working environment and, at the same time, develop systems for better handling of data related to safety and health, says Elisabeth Kjær Aarup, Process Quality Manager and OHS facilitator at Svanehøj.


Some of the new health and security initiatives in 2023:


- In our production facility in Denmark, the employees are trained in 5S Lean, a tool for maintaining a clean, uncluttered, safe, and well-organized workplace. The intention is to help build a quality work environment, both physically and mentally.


- We have introduced a new health & safety book to our Service Engineers to ensure easy access to essential safety guidelines and information. Service Engineers are always on the move and require offline accessibility worldwide.


- We are about to introduce a new, user-friendly smartphone app for reporting unsafe conditions and incidents.


- We have created a new and improved program for safety introduction for new employees.


- We are collaborating with a consultant who has helped over 100 Svanehøj employees optimize their working environment. The intention is to reduce physical and mental workload.


Want to know more?

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