A new Training Center strengthens the technical skills in Svanehøj


Employees now have optimal opportunities to learn about Svanehøj's products and services. With the new Svanehøj Training and Educational Center, Svanehøj strengthens its in-house training – with several benefits.


To stay on top as the maritime world's leading provider of inspections, service, and calibration of cargo equipment, you need specialized technical knowledge and best-in-class training throughout the organization.


Therefore, Svanehøj has invested in an in-house Training and Educational Center to ensure that employees and business partners acquire the necessary knowledge about Svanehøj's products and services.


- In the last few years, our service department has grown from 15 to over 100 employees, and we spend more resources on training and upskilling. With our new in-house training facilities, we can organize training more effectively. We no longer have to wait for the next service job to onboard new people. At the same time, we save significant costs for transportation and accommodation. We are also boosting the technical skills among our office staff, who will become even more competent in advising customers, says Technical Manager Anders Jæger.


A one-stop shop of integrated service solutions

The new Training and Educational Center is a part of Svanehøj's strategy to build a global service and aftersales business that supports shipowners with local service specialists worldwide.


In recent years, Svanehøj has strengthened its presence in the Port of Singapore with a large new workshop and made strategic acquisitions of FORCE Technology Marine Equipment Service (Frederikshavn, Denmark), Wärtsilä Tank Control Systems (Calais, France), and most recently, CCS - Complete Cryogenic Services (California, USA).


Today, Svanehøj is a one-stop shop of integrated service solutions for pumps, compressors, valves, and instrumentation on LNG, LPG, and P&C carriers. It requires a workforce with strong skills within a wide range of technologies. Therefore, the new training facilities will contain fuel pumps (deepwell and submerged), cargo pumps, a compressor, safety valves, and a fully equipped instrumentation panel.


The Svanehøj Training and Educational Center is located by the assembly hall at the Svanehøj headquarters in Denmark. Svanehøj plans to establish a similar Training Center in Singapore.


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