Recently, a journalist and a photographer from Maskinmesteren (Marine Engineer Magazine) visited Svanehøj to portray Morten Christian Larsen.


In parallel with his job as Aftersales Director at Svanehøj and Managing Director at Svanehøj France, Morten is pursuing an MBA in shipping and logistics at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). 


“Svanehøj is not only a company in rapid development. It is also a company with a broad framework for personal and professional development”, says Morten.


He came to Svanehøj in 2018 with a background as a blacksmith, a bachelor’s in Technology Management and Marine Engineering and a diploma in Business Management, Organization and Management.


Since January 2022, Morten has spent most of his time in Calais, France, where he is appointed director of the new business for land-based LNG tank gauging systems, Svanehøj France.


Through his MBA, Morten achieves new management tools and insights into the commercial and financial parts of shipping. It is very valuable at a time when both Svanehøj, and the marine industry in general, are changing at a rapid pace as part of the green transition.


“I have chosen a specific maritime MBA over the classic MBA to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the business we are part of”, says Morten.


Read the full portrait (in Danish)