Now 17 LNG-fueled vessels: Mitsubishi Shipbuilding choose Svanehøj’s fuel pump technology


In 2021, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding received the first order for its space-saving Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS) for LNG from a Japanese shipyard.


Since then, the same customer has ordered 18 sets of Mitsubishi’s FGSS. Consequently, Mitsubishi has chosen Svanehøj’s deepwell fuel pumps for these projects of similar design. Recently, the two companies signed the contract for the delivery of DW fuel pumps for the 16th and the 17th vessels of the series.


Great momentum in Japan

As a specialist in multigas pump solutions for maritime applications, Svanehøj has been working with the Japanese marine industry for more than 20 years. However, since establishing an office in Kobe four years ago, the East Asian business has really taken off.


Today, an experienced team of seven dedicated colleagues work out of the office in Kobe, handling the entire customer experience from initial inquiry to commissioning and ongoing service and aftersales support.


According to Svanehøj’s Director and Head of Office in Japan, Hirohide Gohda, the great momentum derives from in-depth insight into the Japanese market and culture, close partnerships with the local shipyards, and – not least – a range of future-proof fuel and cargo pumps for the ongoing energy transition. Working closely with shipbuilding specialists such as Mitsubishi, Svanehøj seeks to support a fast transition to a greener tomorrow.


Patented design features and fuel flexibility

With the rise in global orders for LNG-propelled ships, Svanehøj's DW fuel pump has significantly increased its market share among larger vessels.


The main reasons are the pump's robust design, reliability, multigas capability, and long service intervals. Patented design features – the static seal and the foot valve system – allow the pump to be serviced and extracted even with gas still left in the tank.


Another reason is fuel flexibility. The DW pump is fully compatible with all other liquified gas fuels, including ammonia, methanol, and hydrogen, allowing shipowners to adapt to rapidly changing regulations and market developments.


Project details

Vessel type: Pure Car Carrier and Bulk Carrier
Fuel type: LNG

FGSS supplier: Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

Scope: 2* DW Fuel Pump 11-5 for each vessel