Svanehøj and ENGIE enhance LNG offshore safety


When it comes to liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage, safety remains a primary concern. Recognizing the unique challenges and risks associated with LNG behavior on floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs), Svanehøj Tank Control Systems and ENGIE Lab CRIGEN embarked on a joint mission: contribute to a safer and more reliable LNG infrastructure.


Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRUs) are vessels that vaporize LNG to deliver natural gas to end users. Today, more and more FSRU projects are developed to increase LNG capacity at sea. In this process, LNG is delivered to the FSRUs by an increasing number of LNG carriers. Monitoring LNG during transfer and storage is essential to ensure safe operations and reduce emissions, as stratification and rollover can lead to rapid Boil-Off Gas (BOG) release, causing venting, flaring, or structural damage.


ENGIE Lab CRIGEN has developed “Rollover Predictor,” a calculation module dedicated to rollover prediction from their LNGMASTER software tool, designed for the management and optimization of LNG operations. This module, in combination with safety systems from Svanehøj’s Tank Control Systems in France, has been installed in onshore LNG terminals for several years, and has been pivotal in managing LNG storage conditions.

With ENGIE and Svanehøj's prediction software and safety instrumentation, operators can actively monitor and manage LNG storage conditions, enabling them to respond promptly to potential rollover risks. This ensures the integrity of storage tanks while safeguarding personnel and the surrounding environment.



Taking proven innovations offshore

A 2023 report by ENGIE Lab CRIGEN outlined how stratifications and rollovers pose considerable risks to offshore installations, notably the FSRU’s and LNG carriers. The studies have been crucial in highlighting the need for deploying security systems to detect stratification as well as rollover prediction software in offshore installations to ensure better safety.


Through joint research and simulations, Svanehøj Tank Control Systems has been providing ENGIE Lab CRIGEN with deeper insights into market and customer needs for offshore installations. The collaboration has revealed a critical knowledge gap by industry stakeholders regarding rollover risks on FSRUs. Together, Svanehøj and ENGIE have concluded that increasing awareness and education about these risks is essential.


 - Svanehøj's expertise in the FSRU market, including knowledge of operators, builders, and their mindsets, has been invaluable. This partnership not only helps us to improve safety measures but also paves the way for effective communication and educational initiatives, says Audrey Hubert, R&D Project Manager, ENGIE.


Over the past year, one of the most significant milestones achieved through the partnership between ENGIE Lab CRIGEN and Svanehøj Tank Control Systems has been the renewal of a strong collaborative framework for taking the well-proven technologies offshore. The framework includes efforts in communication through joint participation in conferences and the publication of a shared white paper. Both parties believe that industry collaboration is crucial for driving significant advancements in LNG storage safety and technology.


By combining knowledge of theoretical physics, prediction software, real operations, and safety systems that include sensors, ENGIE Lab CRIGEN and Svanehøj Tank Control Systems effectively handle the complexity of LNG storage and rollover hazards.


Future directions and industry impact

Looking ahead, Svanehøj and ENGIE are committed to continuing their partnership.

The message is clear: the risk of rollovers in FSRUs is present, and with combined expertise and solutions, ENGIE and Svanehøj are well-equipped to address it. The synergy between Svanehøj's safety systems and ENGIE's Rollover Predictor software provides a comprehensive solution that ensures the integrity of LNG storage tanks, safeguarding both personnel and the environment.

By fostering industry collaboration and communication, Svanehøj and ENGIE are not only enhancing the safety of LNG storage but also setting a standard for future innovations and standards in the field. The partnership is an example of how combined knowledge and expertise from different domains can lead to significant advancements in safety and technology, ultimately benefiting the entire LNG industry.



ENGIE Lab CRIGEN, located in Stains (France) is the corporate R&D center of ENGIE dedicated to new gases and energies and their usages. ENGIE Lab conducts operational R&D projects for the Business Units, corporate entities of ENGIE and external customers to master tomorrow’s technologies, bring them to maturity, and prepare the Energy Transition.