Rasmus has booked more than 4,000 hours of education for his colleagues


As the Education Representative, Rasmus Blach Nielsen ensures that the upskilling of our blue-collar workers aligns with their interests and expertise.


Meet Rasmus Blach Nielsen. Besides being employed in Svanehøj as a fitter, he is our Education Representative and the go-to guy for everything related to upskilling and continuous education among our blue-collar staff.

In this role, Rasmus helps his colleagues navigate the complexities of education. Better yet, this activity also has the added benefit of streamlining legislative and administrative procedures, which positively affects the overall efficiency of our production management. This approach benefits Rasmus in his ambition to become a foreman one day. It also reflects how we tailor roles to individual career goals and wishes.

Rasmus is one of the first Education Representatives in Dansk Metal, and he has already arranged more than 4,000 hours of targeted education for his colleagues. This certainly emphasizes the wish for self-selected education, both when it comes to enhancing individual skills and easing daily tasks. Whether it's about mastering CNC-turning, TIG-welding, or something completely else, Rasmus ensures that our employees' upskilling aligns with their interests and expertise.

- Upskilling is always a good idea. I'm convinced that it's a huge advantage to opt for your own education to sharpen your competencies. You might find it to be something that makes everyday life easier, Rasmus explains.

In Svanehøj, we believe that people are our most valuable assets. As an essential part of our ESG strategy, we are committed to creating a responsible, inclusive, and attractive workplace. We work actively to provide quality jobs and relevant career opportunities for all employees. By doing so, we strengthen our collective expertise in our mission to help accelerate the energy transition and power a better future.