Flexible Svanehøj service is of great value to Orskov Yard


Svanehøj responded promptly when Orskov Yard faced an urgent overhaul of hydraulic submersible cargo pumps on an oil/chemical tanker. Local presence and easy access to cargo equipment specialists make the difference in the strong relationship.


Unplanned tasks almost always occur when a ship is brought into the dock. And with a busy schedule, a shipyard must have competent and flexible service providers nearby.


Orskov Yard in Frederikshavn, Denmark, recently had an oil/chemical tanker in for minor maintenance tasks. While working on the vessel, Orskov's service technicians found that three hydraulically driven submersible cargo pumps needed an overhaul and contacted the local Svanehøj office, located only a few minutes from the shipyard. As a leading provider of inspections, service, and calibration of cargo equipment on gas, product, and chemical carriers, Svanehøj performs service and repair on all fuel and cargo pump brands – both onsite and in dry-dock.


Fast and flexible support

The inquiry from Orskov came on a Friday. On Monday morning, Svanehøj brought in two technicians for the service job, thus ensuring that the tanker could leave the yard on time.


"We service over 100 ships annually, many of them arriving in between charters, with significant workload that needs to be accomplished within a limited timeframe and high importance of fixed departure dates. Therefore, we need local suppliers with a local presence to help us act quickly when something unforeseen occurs. We often bring in Svanehøj for service tasks because they offer a wide range of services and fast and flexible support", says Martin Christensen, Sales Manager at Orskov Yard.


From 10 to 100 employees in service in four years

Svanehøj has invested significantly in its service solutions business to support shipowners with local service specialists worldwide. In recent years, Svanehøj has expanded its location in Singapore with a large new workshop and made strategic acquisitions of FORCE Technology Marine Equipment Service (Frederikshavn, Denmark), Wärtsilä Tank Control Systems (Calais, France), and most recently, Complete Cryogenic Services (California, USA). It makes Svanehøj a one-stop shop of integrated service solutions for pumps, compressors, valves, and instrumentation on gas, product, and chemical carriers.


Want to know more?

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