Embracing diversity: Five new female colleagues spark a positive shift in Svanehøj


Service Resource Manager Kristina Green Nielsen is one of five new females in the service department. She is intrigued by Svanehøj's commitment to building an inclusive and supportive environment for new colleagues, regardless of gender.


Only 2 of 10 employees in the Danish maritime industry are women, according to a report by Danish Maritime and Danish Ports. Svanehøj’s own demographics have historically mirrored this trend, with 86 % of the workforce currently being male.


However, it seems tides may in fact be changing for the industry’s gender gap. Maritime education programs in Denmark have reported a significant 67 % rise in female admissions from 2022 to 2023. Svanehøj too reflects the societal transitions with the number of women seeking employment at Svanehøj steadily rising and with the five most resent hires in the service department being female. This is not just a nod to societal trends; rather, Svanehøj acknowledges the need to create a responsible, inclusive, and attractive workplace in keeping up with the ESG-strategy.


From telecom to marine pumps

One of the recent female employees is Kristina Green Nielsen, who joined Svanehøj on March 1, 2023, as Service Resource Manager, EMEA. Kristina took a slightly unusual route to the maritime industry. After receiving her education in retail, she moved into the telecom industry working for the Danish company Stofa. Following this, she went on to work in the pump manufacturing industry at DESMI as a Coordination Manager. Here, she had her first taste of the maritime industry, which has now led her path to Svanehøj.


- The maritime industry presented me with high-stakes situations with pressing deadlines, large financial transactions, and the need for quick service delivery as standard operating procedures, recognizing the vitality and importance of expertise and timeliness in the industry. You get the impression that anything lacking or disturbed in this industry might have major repercussions, which makes you feel that what you do really makes a difference, Kristina Green Nielsen says.


An inclusive and supportive environment

Kristina’s day-to-day responsibilities in Svanehøj involve coordinating and interacting with a global team of technicians and fitters, mainly male colleagues. Still new to the company, Kristina has experienced a very strong people-focused culture.


- The dedication to create a good work environment in Svanehøj fosters an inclusive and supportive environment for new colleagues, regardless of gender. The way Svanehøj prioritizes personal development and safety, and the readiness to support employees in technical and non-technical aspects alike, ensures that everyone can thrive here, she says.


Furthermore, Kristina emphasizes Svanehøj’s forward-thinking stance on the environment.


- Coming into the maritime industry has been quite an eye-opener, particularly with Svanehøj’s advancements, which far exceeded my expectations. I am blown away by how far ahead Svanehøj is in the green transition. I think it might surprise many who might not perceive the maritime industry as being at the forefront of such initiatives, but Svanehøj really is, Kristina concludes.