Svanehøj obtains DW Fuel patent in China

Svanehøj obtains DW Fuel patent in China

The ability to access the motor, bearing, and pump without emptying the tank is one of the features that make Svanehøj’s DW Fuel Pump unique. Now the Fuel Pump’s special static seal has been granted patent protection in China.

Svanehøj’s DW Fuel Pump is known for its stability, optimised performance, high reliability and long service intervals. However, for extra safety, Svanehøj has fitted the pump with a static seal, which separates some of the mechanics in the pump from the tank.

When the static seal is activated, the inner magnet coupling part and the main pump bearing, as well as the oil filter can all be accessed, dismantled, serviced or replaced without having to extract the pump.

The unique static seal design has just been approved by The Chinese patent authority and is therefore covered by patent protection in both Europe and China. This is of great importance to Svanehøj, who have used a lot of resources to develop the features that make the DW pump the best, safest, and most reliable marine fuel pump on the market.

“When a ship is stationary, the shipowner makes no money. Therefore, a crucial competitive parameter is that Svanehøj’s DW Fuel Pump – unlike electrical submersible pumps – can be serviced immediately without having to spend precious time emptying the tank of cargo. The pump is designed for a 5 years/25,000 hours service interval. However, being able to access all parts of the pump quickly if servicing or repairs become necessary between the planned service intervals gives our customers that extra peace of mind,” says Uffe Løjstrup Kristensen, Technical Manager at Svanehøj.

In addition to the static seal, the DW Fuel pump is fitted with a unique foot valve system, which makes it possible to extract the pump and perform a complete service – regardless of tank content or the liquid level inside the tank.

Unparalleled advantages fit for the future

The Svanehøj DW Fuel Pump is a classic multistage centrifugal pump made of cryogenic stainless steel with a standard zone 1 marine motor. The pump’s electric motor is located outside of the fuel tank, thus eliminating any supply of heat that would otherwise result in unwanted heating of the tank’s contents. The consumption of energy and fuel is continuously optimised thanks to the unique DW design. The DW pump is a true multigas pump that is fully compatible with LNG, LPG, ethane and ammonia, as well as synthetic carbon-free electro-fuels. A solution to fit the future.


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