Svanehøj DW fuel pumps for 15 VLGC retrofits

Svanehøj DW fuel pumps for 15 VLGC retrofits

The world’s first retrofitted VLGC with LPG dual-fuel propulsion technology has been taken into service by BW LPG, which has a further 14 retrofits on the way. Svanehøj supplies DW fuel pumps for all ships.

A long-term investment in more environmentally friendly shipping reached a significant milestone for BW LPG in December.

As the world’s first retrofitted Very Large Gas Carrier (VLGC) with LPG dual-fuel propulsion technology, BW Gemini successfully completed its first loading at Enterprise Terminal in Houston on 14 December, carrying a record load of 49,000 metric tonnes of LPG on a single keel.

BW Gemini’s successful voyage was followed with great interest by Svanehøj, which supplied the fuel pumps for the ship’s retrofit. Furthermore, there was also delight at the fact that BW LPG, on the same occasion, announced that they are investing in three more retrofits, bringing the total commitment to 15 vessels, which will all be fitted with Svanehøj DW fuel pumps.

“BW LPG’s retrofit project is an important reference for us because it shows that it is an attractive business case to convert an existing gas tanker to dual-fuel propulsion. First and foremost, it reduces ships’ emissions of harmful particles and CO2. Shipowners can also achieve time savings, as vessels can be refuelled whilst cargo is being loaded,” says Johnny Houmann, Sales Director at Svanehøj.

Well-known quality and short delivery time

As a subcontractor for Wärtsilä Gas Solutions, Svanehøj will supply a solution for each of the 15 VLGCs, consisting of two DW fuel pumps installed in deck tanks. Svanehøj has previously supplied the pumps for the ships’ cargo systems, and the new orders emphasise Svanehøj’s high product quality and strong position within marine fuel and cargo pumps for gas.

“BW LPG is a customer that we have worked with for several years. They know our pumps very well and know that they get a reliable and flexible multigas pump solution which is less sensitive to impurities in the cargo. At the same time, it is of great importance that we have been able to meet the need for ultra-short delivery time in accordance with the customer’s booking time at the shipyard,” says Johnny Houmann.

Svanehøj’s DW fuel (marine) pump is a classic multistage centrifugal pump that can handle a variety of liquefied gases, including LNG, LPG, ethane and ammonia, at all gravities and without any component changes. The design of DW fuel pumps is based on the Svanehøj DW cargo (gas) pump, which is installed in more than 1,100 gas cargo carriers around the world. All of the benefits of the larger gas pump also apply to the DW fuel pump, ensuring stability, optimised performance, high reliability, low OPEX and a 5-year/25,000 hours service interval.



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Facts about the order:

  • Vessel type: VLGC
  • Client: Wärtsilä Gas Solutions
  • Shipyard: Yiu Lian (Shenzhen, China)
  • End customer: BW LPG (Norway)

Svanehøj will deliver:

  • 2*15 pc. deepwell fuel pumps EFP11-8 (length 6,3m – pumps will be installed in deck tanks)

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