Svanehøj Deepwell Gas Pumps

When absolute confidence in offloading safety and efficiency are critical, Svanehøj is the natural choice among gas carriers worldwide for deepwell and cargo booster pumps.

Our dedicated project teams deliver solutions for vessels from the smallest fully pressurized push barges and dedicated CO2 carriers to the largest fully refrigerated VLGCs. 

Our pumps handle ALL TYPES of cargo at all temperatures and gravities without any component changes, offering potentially huge cost savings. Our range spans:

  • Fully pressurised tankers, cargo at ambient temperature, tank pressure up to 18 bar.

  • Fully refrigerated atmospheric tankers, cargo cooled to saturation temperature (typically -48°C).

  • Semi-refrigerated tankers, cargo liquefied by cooling/pressure process down to -104°C.

  • We lead in long-shafted pumps for LNG at -163°C.

Spare parts and services

Please send the vessel name, equipment type, serial number (if known), your company details and spare parts requirements to and we will respond as soon as possible.