Svanehøj Deepwell Cargo Handling Systems

For safely offloading a wide range of liquid cargoes, we offer the most flexible and environmentally sound solutions.

Our high quality deepwell cargo pump systems are powered by quiet, efficient electric drives that are fast and easy to install.

We specialise in competitively priced full cargo and ballast systems including drive systems, switchboards and accessories.

Around the world, we create custom-made turnkey solutions for any tanker, with full project management from start to safe on-time delivery and installation.


Because the needs of tankers and their cargoes are so diverse, Svanehøj delivers the widest range of tailored pump solutions, delivering savings through lower CAPEx before OPEX costs. 

We are unique in supplying both centralised pump room systems and systems distributed around the vessel. Together, they enable us to deliver an optimum solution for any and every vessel, from small coastal tankers to 320,000 dwt+ VLCCs. As the largest supplier of compact, energy-efficient electric pump systems, we can deliver efficiency savings of 11-17% compared with hydraulic alternatives, with a record of outstanding safety and reliability proven the world over.

Distributed deepwell pumps

  • Dedicated pump per tank allows a high number of cargo segregations

  • No need for a pump room

  • More space for cargo

Pump room systems

  • Inherent redundancy – flexibility in case of pump failure

  • Lower overall cost

  • Higher pumping capacity

Key Benefits

  • Electric systems promise lower total installed costs at the shipyard and lower running costs than hydraulic systems

  • Electric pumps offer lower CO2 emissions/environmental impact than hydraulic pump solutions; low noise electric pumps preferred by crew

  • Highest standards of on-time delivery consistency

  • World-leading technical support throughout the life of the system, through Svanehøj’s world-wide network

  • Designed for use with Frequency Converters – suitable for cargoes within a wide range of specific gravity and viscosity, as well as energy savings

  • Product references proven over 45 years, building Svanehøj’s global reputation for excellence.

  • High performance deck mounted electric pumps can operate more efficiently than comparable hydraulic systems

  • Electric pumps offer lower CO2 emissions/environmental impact than hydraulic pump solutions; low noise electric pumps preferred by crew

Technical info





  • Electric systems require less space, need fewer components

  • Cabling is easier and faster to install

  • Hydraulic pipework can require extensive testing and flushing



  • Electric systems typically have significantly lower initial purchase and installation costs

  • Total annual operating costs are typically lower for an electric system


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Services & Spares

With 4500 field service professionals in more than 200 locations, in 70 countries, Svanehøj’s network of Global Service Centres works 24 hours a day to provide the spare parts, replacement products and support that will protect your assets, optimise your efficiency and solve your problems fast. From the day we install your equipment to the day you scrap the vessel, we’re totally committed to keeping you operating, keeping you compliant and keeping you profitable. That’s lifecycle protection from Svanehøj.


Spare parts

  • Original spare parts for pumps

  • 48 hour quotation turnaround

  • Key component stock availability

  • OEM parts to guarantee the efficiency of your equipment

  • High stock availability and delivery anywhere in the world, to minimise your stock hold-up levels

  • Service Kits – ensures you have all the parts you need to service your product

  • Global frame agreements

Service and support

  • Training

  • Upgrades

  • Troubleshooting

  • Commissioning

  • 24 hour worldwide technical support

  • Installation work and supervision

  • Life time support and spare parts for all pump products including Svanehoj, Hamworthy, Kvaerner and Eureka

  • Onboard pre-docking inspections and performance tests of deepwell pumps

  • Overhaul and repair during dry-dockings

  • Ensure your pumping equipment performs to the highest standards to optimize your operational efficiency

  • Reliable service partner

  • Rapid turnaround of quotes

  • Emergency repairs

  • Onsite Service:

    • Installation and Commissioning

    • Troubleshooting

    • On site repairs and upgrades

Replacements products

  • Replacement and upgrades of existing

  • Svanehøj pumps

  • Easy replacement of other makes of pumps, like-for-like or with high efficiency Svanehøj pumps

  • Simple cost effective maintenance

  • Large stock of pumps available from stock, fast delivery, lead times as short as 2 days ex works

  • One stop shop for third party replacement pumps

  • Retrofits

  • Hydraulic and mechanical upgrades

Pre-docking inspection

Svanehøj offer the possibility of sending a service supervisor for a pre-docking inspection during a discharge operation. Our service supervisor will monitor the cargo deepwell and booster pumps for any abnormal vibration, noise, leakages from shaft sealing system etc. and carry out performance test before/during the discharge operation. Our supervisor will bring calibrated pressure gauges to ensure correct pressure readings and Class approved equipment for machine diagnostics (FFT) and data collection from pump(s) and electric motor(s).

Performance test

The performance test of cargo pumps is carried out in order to assess the wear and tear in the pump unit. We recommend this to be carried out approximately one month before the planned dry-docking date. The “performance test sheet” will give an indication of lack of performance in comparison with the original performance test carried out in our test bed when pumps were new and approved by classification society. Please note that the performance test carried out by operating the pump(s) either during discharge operation or during circulating cargo against closed valve for a short period. After the pre-docking inspection and performance test of pumps, we are able to issue a “Condition Assessment Report” where we as maker state our recommendations, which can then be presented to the Classification Society Surveyor.



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