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We welcome new employees

We are busy at Svanehøj and have just expanded our staff with an experienced Service Engineer in China and an Administrative Assistant at our head office in Denmark.

Our new Service Engineer is Zowie Zhou who has worked with Wärtsilä for several years. As Svanehøj was part of the Wärtsilä Group from 2012 to 2018, he already has extensive experience with our pumping systems. Based in China, Zowie will be working to expand our service and after-sales business in the Chinese market.

At our head office in Aalborg, Denmark, we have welcomed Kamilla Kristence Pedersen as our new administrative assistant. Kamilla comes from a position as Business Service Assistant at EY (Ernst & Young). At Svanehøj, Kamilla will take on assignments within accounting, payroll and HR.

We warmly welcome Zowie and Kamilla to Svanehøj.

Strong growth in the first year as an independent business

Svanehøj Group has realized sales of DKK 644.3 million in the first financial year since the divestment from Wärtsilä. Despite COVID-19, Svanehøj Group is well-positioned for 2020.

Strong commercial momentum and growth in the core business, but a financial result which has been impacted by extraordinary one-off costs.

These are the headlines for Svanehøj Group’s first financial year, which spanned a period of 14 months (23 October 2018 – 31 December 2019). The company was established in late October 2018, when private equity fund Solix acquired the activities of what was then Wärtsilä Pumps and established Svanehøj Group with Svanehøj Danmark A/S and Hamworthy Pumps Singapore PTE Ltd as underlying, independent companies.

Turnover amounted to DKK 644.3 million and was realized through significant progress under the auspices of both Svanehøj Denmark and Hamworthy Pumps. 2019, in isolation, represents revenue growth of 66% against 2018. The net result is a deficit of DKK 6.7 million and has been negatively impacted by the carve-out from Wärtsilä. Without extraordinary one-off costs related to the establishment as a stand-alone business, the operating profit before amortization and depreciations for 2018/19 amount to DKK 59 million.

Significant initiatives to support new strategy

The effect of COVID-19 remains unclear, but we expect to be somewhat negatively impacted by the pandemic. However, Svanehøj Group is well-positioned, and we expect continued high business activity in 2020 – with flat revenue and normalized profit before tax compared to 2018/2019.

The expectations are partly driven by the new IMO marine fuel regulation, which will increase demand for Svanehøj’s pump solutions for gas.

With a new corporate strategy, ‘Towards 2023’, Svanehøj Group aims to contribute to a cleaner world by offering excellent technical solutions that match the conversion to cleaner energy types.

Key strategic goals have been identified to ensure that the Group’s brands are visible and known to target customers.

To support the strategy and business development Svanehøj Group have launched several significant initiatives. We have opened a representative office in Suzhou, China, to support our sourcing activities. We have opened a sales office in Kobe, Japan, to strengthen our local presence and our commercial organization. We have established a large service centre in Singapore to strengthen customer service and after-sales. And recently, we have initiated a major refurbishment and modernization of our headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark.

Further information: Søren K. Nielsen, CEO, Svanehøj Group A/S (+45 96 37 22 79,



Svanehøj Group annual report 201819

Svanehøj Holding annual report 201819

Cutting down on emissions: We are ready for the journey

IMO 2020 is the first step towards a more sustainable shipping industry, and we have the technology that can help the industry on its way.

By Søren K. Nielsen, CEO, Svanehøj Group

Greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping increased by 32% from 1997 to 2017. If current trends continue, the industry’s emissions will increase by another 50–250% over the next 30 years. Fortunately, more and more players are working to accelerate the green transition, while the IMO 2020 sulphur cap has brought new economic incentives into play.

In terms of new builds, there will be an even greater focus on environmentally friendly technologies such as LNG, LPG and ethane. At Svanehøj we are experiencing increasing interest in the patented DW fuel (marine) pump for liquified gas. The same applies to our electric DW cargo pump, which is increasingly positioned as an energy-saving alternative to traditional hydraulic cargo pumps.

LNG reduces CO2 emissions by 30%

If you build a new ship and install an LNG fuel system with our DW fuel pump, you can reduce the ship’s CO2 emissions by 30% compared to a ship which is powered by conventional fuel oil. With our technology, your ship will also be compatible with biogas and synthetic natural gas.

With the DW fuel pump, we can offer a solution that makes your ship able to comply with current and future requirements. A robust, well-thought-out and patented solution which is based on the well-proven technology and design of our DW cargo (gas) pumps, which have been installed in more than 1,100 gas cargo carriers around the world.

IMO have a long-term goal of reducing total annual GHG emission by 50% in 2050 compared to 2008, while at the same time pursuing efforts to phase it out entirely. The climate is high on our agenda at Svanehøj Group, and we fully support meeting the IMO’s goal. We have been proactive in our product development and consider Svanehøj as part of the solution to the climate challenge of the shipping industry.


Catch the waves and join us on our journey towards a cleaner world.

The world’s largest shipyards are testing LNG pumps at SVANEHØJ

Nothing is left to chance when Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) and Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) are building giant gas tankers worth billions of dollars.

In recent months, we have been conducting full-scale tests on the different types of gas pumps which SHI and HHI have ordered for six new VLEC’s. A total of 84 deepwell pumps, which amount to tens of millions of Danish kroner combined, will be shipped from Aalborg to South Korea.

The tests are being conducted in our 35-metre test tower, an unrivalled tool to validate how our deepwell pumps operate in the most extreme conditions.

‘It’s as close to reality as we can possibly get,’ says Project Manager Lars Foged from Svanehøj.

‘It’s as close to reality as we can possibly get,’ says Project Manager Lars Foged from Svanehøj

– Our tower simulates the conditions onboard the ship. The pump is suspended in the tower, in the same way as in the tank, and during the four hours of testing, we measure the changes in temperature and vibration. For us, it is a facility of incredible importance, because we are able to demonstrate “robustness of design” so that customers can see for themselves that our pumps are as efficient and stable as we say they are, says project manager at SVANEHØJ, Lars Foged.

The story of the six new VLEC’s and our tests of deepwell pumps has been featured in several Danish and international media. Here are a few of the articles:

Korean Shipyards Test LNG Pumps in Denmark (English)

Verdens største værfter tester LNG-pumper i Nordjylland (Danish)

Svanehøj remodels the head office

Since 1967, Svanehøj has had its head office in Svenstrup near Aalborg, and despite ongoing renovations, the administration building appears worn and outdated.

Therefore, we are now undertaking a major refurbishment and modernization of our head office.

– This investment emphasizes that we believe in the future. We offer some products that are part of the solution to the challenges that the marine industry will face in the coming years, where emissions of sulfur and CO2 must be drastically reduced. We have come out strong in 2019 and we believe that demand for our products will increase further over the next several years, says CEO Søren K. Nielsen.

The renovation of the head office in Aalborg will start on April 1 and is expected to be completed in September 2020. The project will be carried out by TL Byg A/S.

The exciting news has been mentioned in several Danish industry media – read among others here (in Danish):

Better and cheaper service through local presence

With service facilities in both Denmark and Singapore, SVANEHØJ Danmark A/S and Hamworthy Pumps Singapore can be on-site at short notice. For a regular customer like OSM Tanker Management, this is a great advantage.

In the summer of 2019, SVANEHØJ and its sister company Hamworthy Pumps established a large shared service centre near the terminal in Singapore. A growing number of customers are serviced from here, with everything from planned servicing to emergency repairs. Our activities in South and Southeast Asia have grown significantly in recent years, which makes expanding our service setup a natural step for us.
The location in Singapore lets us act at short notice and provide market-leading service for both SVANEHØJ and Hamworthy Pumps, says Service Manager Martin Lund Jensen.

Much easier and more cost-effective
One of the customers who is experiencing the value of SVANEHØJ’s and Hamworthy Pumps’ enhanced service setup is OSM Tanker Management. – It makes it much easier and more cost-effective to get technicians on board when required for the vessels which are trading in South Asia. Being in the same time zone helps to improve communication, and having a local warehouse helps to coordinate the supply of spares, says Rishib Dev Satija, vessel manager at OSM Tanker Management.

Rishib Dev Satija generally experiences SVANEHØJ and Hamworthy Pumps as being highly competent professionals who do not compromise on the quality of their work.

– SVANEHØJ and Hamworthy Pumps always deliver original spares, and never compromise on the quality of the spares. Their technicians always give the most accurate feedback, and even the most urgent requirements are met on time, says Rishib Dev Satija.

Consistent service and support
OSM Tanker Management recently had technicians from Hamworthy Pumps on board when LPG carrier Napa Spirit docked in Kuantan, Malaysia, to replace the shaft seals on their SVANEHØJ DW 250 Cargo pump. Within a matter of hours, the engineers had solved the task – without disturbing the crew, who were able to concentrate on readying the ship for the original task of loading gas.

– They only had a small window of time to solve the problem and service the ship. To us, efficiency and quality is everything, and our partnership with SVANEHØJ and Hamworthy Pumps is the best solution to meet our needs, as

they offer consistent service and support, says Rishib Dev Satija.