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“We are filling a gap in the market”

Svanehøj and Hamworthy Pumps opened a joint service centre in Singapore last year. Meet Service Manager Martin Lund Jensen, who has been given a vital role in Svanehøj Group’s venture into service and aftersales.

Martin Lund Jensen didn’t need much time to deliberate on whether to accept when he was offered the job of service manager for Svanehøj and Hamworthy Pumps’ new joint service centre.

At the time, he was working as a senior supervisor at Svanehøj Denmark, where he had been providing customers with fast and flexible assistance for years in critical situations in ports around the world. That’s why, for Martin Lund Jensen, moving to Singapore and taking over day-to-day responsibility for a rapidly growing service business was an obvious step in his career.

“As a senior supervisor, I travelled around the world for years, servicing customers in shipyards and offshore. This has given me a comprehensive understanding of customers’ challenges and needs, which is crucial for us at the service centre to be able to support customers’ business in the best possible way. We do this primarily by making it easier and faster for customers to perform docking and keep the number of repairs to a minimum,” says Martin Lund Jensen.

Time is the key factor

With the establishment of the new service centre, Svanehøj and Hamworthy Pumps can offer fast and flexible service from Singapore, where more than half of the world’s ships dock each year. A large inventory of spare parts has been established at the service centre, where all critical parts for Svanehøj’s gas pumps and booster pumps are stocked.

“When customers choose a service provider, time is the key factor. Therefore, it’s of great importance that in many cases we can service the pumps while the ships are bunkering or performing operations in Singapore,” says Martin Lund Jensen, looking back on a satisfactory first year as service manager at the service centre.

“We have already achieved a lot since we started up. We are filling a gap in the market and continuing to attract new customers as industry players notice that they can have their Svanehøj pumps serviced locally in Singapore,” he says.

Nearly 25 years with Svanehøj

Martin Lund Jensen is 41, and trained as an industrial technician at Svanehøj, which has played an important role in his career:

“I started as an apprentice at the factory in 1996, and I spent time at all the workstations as part of my training. When I finished my apprenticeship, I was offered a job on the testing bench, where I worked for 18 months. However, I wanted more, and so I trained as a ship mechanic and an able ship’s assistant,” he says.

After completing his training at Martec in Frederikshavn, Martin chose to start his own business and opened a workshop doing sales, service and repair of pleasure-craft engines and small commercial vessels. His business soon became very busy, and after a few years, he became a distributor of Volvo Penta and Yanmar marine engines. But he stayed in touch with Svanehøj, as he helped out with small jobs in the workshop and service jobs when they needed his assistance. In the summer of 2012, Martin was once again employed by Svanehøj as a senior supervisor, where he travelled around the world and serviced customers in shipyards and offshore until he was appointed service manager for the service department in Singapore in the summer of 2019.

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Complete overhaul of pumps during dry docking

Service Engineers from SVANEHØJ and Hamworthy Pumps contributed to an effective dry docking of combined LPG/Chemical Tanker, Cathinka Spirit, in China.

Due to a devastating typhoon, Cathinka Spirit was delayed getting to the yard in Shenzhen in China, where the LPG tanker was in dry dock to undergo an overhaul of its CL LPG Cargo Pumps, NMB Booster Pump, C2G Ballast Pumps and two of its DL Oil & Chemical Pumps.

The job was entrusted to SVANEHØJ and Hamworthy Pumps Singapore, who with a large new Service Centre in Singapore have access to the skills, facilities, tools and spare parts needed to service customers in South and Southeast Asia around the clock.

“We requested Svanehøj Group to send extra technicians to avoid any delays. Despite all the challenges, they completed the job before the scheduled departure without compromising the quality of job”
– Rishib Dev Satija, Vessel Manager at OSM Tanker Management

Leak discovered during test
Rishib Dev Satija generally experiences SVANEHØJ Danmark A/S and Hamworthy Pumps Singapore Pte Ltd. as being highly competent professionals who do not compromise on the quality of their work. He had this confirmed in connection with work on Cathinka Spirit where
Service Engineers from SVANEHØJ and Hamworthy Pumps observed a severe leakage during a function test of one of the chemical pumps which weren’t overhauled during the dry docking.

“The pump was stopped, and our team entered the tank and removed the pump head from the pipe-stack to investigate further. The lower seal was crushed, so we had to replace the shaft seals inside the tank. Had we not discovered the leak, the crew on Cathinka Spirit could at worst have been forced into an emergency discharge,” says Martin Lund Jensen, Service Manager at Hamworthy Pumps Singapore.

In addition to servicing and overhauling the four different types of pumps, SVANEHØJ and Hamworthy Pumps also performed a complete upgrade of the ballast pump system, including an overhaul of the rotor units, installation of new larger size E-motors and impellers on-board the vessel.

Better and cheaper service through local presence

With service facilities in both Denmark and Singapore, SVANEHØJ Danmark A/S and Hamworthy Pumps Singapore can be on-site at short notice. For a regular customer like OSM Tanker Management, this is a great advantage.

In the summer of 2019, SVANEHØJ and its sister company Hamworthy Pumps established a large shared service centre near the terminal in Singapore. A growing number of customers are serviced from here, with everything from planned servicing to emergency repairs. Our activities in South and Southeast Asia have grown significantly in recent years, which makes expanding our service setup a natural step for us.
The location in Singapore lets us act at short notice and provide market-leading service for both SVANEHØJ and Hamworthy Pumps, says Service Manager Martin Lund Jensen.

Much easier and more cost-effective
One of the customers who is experiencing the value of SVANEHØJ’s and Hamworthy Pumps’ enhanced service setup is OSM Tanker Management. – It makes it much easier and more cost-effective to get technicians on board when required for the vessels which are trading in South Asia. Being in the same time zone helps to improve communication, and having a local warehouse helps to coordinate the supply of spares, says Rishib Dev Satija, vessel manager at OSM Tanker Management.

Rishib Dev Satija generally experiences SVANEHØJ and Hamworthy Pumps as being highly competent professionals who do not compromise on the quality of their work.

– SVANEHØJ and Hamworthy Pumps always deliver original spares, and never compromise on the quality of the spares. Their technicians always give the most accurate feedback, and even the most urgent requirements are met on time, says Rishib Dev Satija.

Consistent service and support
OSM Tanker Management recently had technicians from Hamworthy Pumps on board when LPG carrier Napa Spirit docked in Kuantan, Malaysia, to replace the shaft seals on their SVANEHØJ DW 250 Cargo pump. Within a matter of hours, the engineers had solved the task – without disturbing the crew, who were able to concentrate on readying the ship for the original task of loading gas.

– They only had a small window of time to solve the problem and service the ship. To us, efficiency and quality is everything, and our partnership with SVANEHØJ and Hamworthy Pumps is the best solution to meet our needs, as

they offer consistent service and support, says Rishib Dev Satija.

Opening of Svanehøj Group Service Center in Singapore

We are excited to announce the opening of our new Service Center in Singapore. The new established Service Center will handle all service of both SVANEHØJ and Hamworthy pumps. Furthermore, we have established an extensive workshop for overhaul of pumps at the premises.

In the past decade, our service activities in the Fareast have grown. So to provide better customer experience, the natural step has been to open a fully equipped Service Center in Singapore to support our full product range and meet the needs of our customers. The Service Center is dedicated to support and help our customers 24/7 for inspections, pump repair and technical advice.

The new Service Center is operating out of our Singapore location, and our leading office person is Service Manager, Martin Lund Jensen. Martin has been with SVANEHØJ for more than two decades and has a wide experience within our full product range and the marine industry. Martin has been travelling around the globe, servicing our customers in many critical situations.

We wish our service colleagues the best of luck and hope for a smooth and prosperous upstart.

For more information about our Singapore Service Center, please call Aftersales Director, Morten Snedker Larsen +45 27 61 47 29 or call our Service Center directly +65 97 11 29 23