ONE-STOP Service provider


Svanehøj is the leading service provider of inspections, service and calibration of cargo-equipment on gas, product and chemical carriers. Our unique combination of services will provide you with fast and pro-active troubleshooting, lower costs and cooperation with one OEM representative supplier only.

Field Service

Contact us for technical repairs and on-site assistance from our highly-educated engineers I Manufacturer of SVANEHØJ pumps and Hamworthy pumps.

Spare Parts

Get genuine spare parts for SVANEHØJ and Hamworthy-Pumps products and benefit from the trusted quality you know and expect from our pumps.

Let’s talk

Are you interested in learning more about our wide range of services or do you have an urgent need for support, please contact one of our colleagues below.

Morten Christian Larsen

Service Director

Mobile: +45 2761 4729

Kristian Bertelsen

Service Manager

Mobile: +45 31262301

Anders Lürzer Askholm

Sales Manager

Mobile: +45 2761 4722

Steen Vinbæk

Sales Manager

Mobile: +45 2269 7695

Overall SVANEHØJ Service Solution delivers one thing: RELIABILITY

“The job was performed in a good and safe way in just some hours, and we could sail during early evening”

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Global Service updates

Don’t miss out on exiting news from our world of service. Read the latest news here.

Minimize maintenance costs with vibration analysis

Vibration measurements and analysis is a low-cost and very effective contribution to condition-based maintenance of fuel and cargo systems.   All rotating…

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Svanehøj performs major service job on LPG carrier

Technicians from Svanehøj has inspected the entire cargo system on the LPG tanker Nantes - the largest and most comprehensive service job…

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Business Updates

Original packaging for genuine spare parts

Svanehøj is making it easier to distinguish between genuine spare parts and unauthorised products with a new, recognisable packaging design. Genuine spare…

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