Replacement pumps

Svanehøj Group, Global Service offer an extensive range of centrifugal pumps for replacement purposes. For years we have been supplying pumps to ships and rigs from our stock in Europe and Singapore to satisfy  urgent requirements to replace existing pumps.

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Easy replacement

With our know how, and experience, we can engineer and produce a solution which will include the replacement pump, the adaptors and fittings to enable the existing pump to be changed efficiently.  Furthermore, we do offer pump installation service as required.

Range of replacement pumps

  • Model C2G
  • Model CG
  • Model CA
  • Model CB
  • Dolphin
In addition to standard seawater and freshwater applications for centrifugal pumps, we can also supply replacement pumps for most marine applications including screw, turbine, gear and progressive cavity type pumps.

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