Currently during discharge the operators are changing between cargo tanks which requires adjustment of the speed of the pumps manually. When you adjust the speed, the pumps will operate outside the optimal duty point. By installing Svanehoj FlowControl waste time on discharging will simply be reduced to a minimum cause the system will automatically be able to operate on optimal duty point.



Svanehøj FlowControl can be added to all existing Svanehøj DW Cargo P&C pumps and is also available with new ones.

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With Svanehøj you not only get the most trusted and renowned gas pump solutions on the market but a vast number of advantages.

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We have close to 100 years of experience and more than 7000 pumps currently operating on gas carriers worldwide. This is your guarantee for outstanding quality and performance.

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We want to offer the best service in the market and are dedicated to continuously advising and supporting our customers in optimizing their pumps throughout the lifetime of the installation. We are also happy to provide our customers with on-site training on how to optimally use


Our pumps have gone through extensive testing to make sure they live up to the highest global standards of safety. Our gas pumps feature double mechanical seals mounted back-to-back in oil bath to prevent leaks.


We know that time is of the essence and take pride in always being proximate and responsive. We have a global network of support and service centres providing expert advise to customers around the world.

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