Seawater Lift Pumps

Svanehøj’s range of robust, efficient sea water lift pumps are designed specifically for the demanding offshore market. Our range of sea water lift pumps are based on well-known technology, offer safe operation and low maintenance cost.



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Seawater Vertical Deepwell Pumps

The well proven and expertly engineered vertical suspended packages for Vertical electrical submersible pumps and Vertical line shaft pumps (API 610 VS1) are designed for MTBR of 25000 reliable operational hours, and are optimized for high efficiency and low NPSH. The design incorporates features to protect the caisson against scuffing and crevice corrosion hence minimising galvanic corrosion. Engineered hypochlorite dossing rings and air release valves are available, and the pumps can be delivered in duplex and super duplex material.

Vertical Electrical Submersible Pumps

The vertical suspended multi-stage pumps are driven by a submersible motor. The pump assembly is generally designed according to AP1610 recommendations. All cables and hoses are carefully fastened and supported along the column, and are spirally wrapped along the pump bowl assembly to allow safe installation. The well proven Indar submersible water/glycol motor has enhanced internal cooling circulation and a positive pressure header tank arrangement.

  • Capacity range: 400 -3500 m3/h

  • Differential heads up to 200 mlc

  • Motors up to 1.5MW and 6.6kV

Vertical Line Shaft Pumps (API 610 VS1)

Vertically suspended, single casing diffuser line-shaft driven pumps with discharge through the column and driven by a dry mounted electrical motor which is configured to operate in harsh environments. VS1 design according to API 610 11th edition with open shaftline, carbon sleeve shaft bearings, enclosed impellers and single mechanical seal - API and non-API compliant seals are available.

  • Capacity range 50 - 3500 m3/h

  • Differential head up to 200 mlc

In-Line Seawater Lift Pumps

Low NPSHr to meet stringent offshore specifications, configurations of inlet and outlet nozzles to suit every piping installation. Either directly coupled to an electric motor within a safe area or through a cardan shaft installed in the pump room. We supply a range of high quality casing and impeller materials including nickel, aluminium, bronze or super duplex.

  • Capacity range: 400 - 5000 m3/h

  • Differential pressure: 08 - 10 BAR