DW Fuel pumps

Capacity: 0.25 - 35 m3/h
Head: 20 - 400 mlc
NPSHR: 0.25 mlc
Temperature: -163°C - 50°C

Five-year service interval


The Svanehøj DW Fuel pump is based on proven technology which has been used on gas carriers for decades. It is designed as a hermetically sealed pump without any sophisticated bearings or exotic materials, using standard ball bearings that ensure a long service life. Its service intervals are every 25,000 operating hours, or every five years.


If needed, the motor, bearing, and pump can be easily accessed at any time between regular service dockings – even with gas pressure in the tank. This means that the electric motor, magnetic drive, main bearing, and inner mag drive can be accessed and serviced. Moreover, by activating the foot valve, the pump can be retracted in handy sections of less than one metre, providing unique service possibilities.

Product highlights

  • Independent of weather conditions, sloshing, and thermal conditions
  • No tank connections below liquid level and no electrical components inside the tank
  • Steady, reliable supply of fuel
  • Fast response to changes in engine load
  • No gas leakage from the tank
  • Dual fuel function: The pump can be used with LNG and with other fuel types, such as ethane and LPG
  • Pump can be retracted, even with gas in the tank
  • Minimised contribution to boil-off gas

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