Future proof

The deepwell fuel pump from Svanehøj supports eco-friendly LNG-fueled vessels but is also designed for other fuel gas types such as LPG, ethane, methanol and even future fuels such as ammonia which means your investment is safeguarded no matter where the fueling transition will take you. The deepwell fuel pump from Svanehøj is the safe choice as it is the most reliable and robust fuel pump on the market and even more less sensitive to impurities from the various gas types.


State of the art design

Our pump design is distinguished by having the electric motor of the pump located outside the tank, which eliminates excess heat and pressure to the fuel gas. If needed and in between regular planned service intervals, you can easily access the electrical motor, main bearing arrangement and Magdrive, without having to consider to gas-free, simply be activating our patented and unique static seal.

Offering you a lower CapEX

When investing in deepwell fuel pumps, we also offer you a unique advantage that will ensure you a much lower CapEX. Compared to the usual 16.000 running hours between repair, our deepwell fuel pump operates for 25.000 hours without any considerable or troublesome maintenance or vessel downtime before you will be able to operate your fuel pumps for another 25.000 running hours. This means you will only need 2 Svanehøj fuel pumps instead of 3 submerged to reach your first 5 years dry-docking period.

We made sure that our DW fuel pump will fit into your future plans

The DW fuel pump from Svanehøj is designed to provide a steady and reliable fuel gas supply with a fast response to changes in the engine load, ensuring optimum efficiency.

Pump solution

DW Fuel pumps

The DW Fuel pump is a classic multistage centrifugal pump made from cryogenic stainless steel with a standard zone 1 marine motor.

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"The design of our DW Fuel pumps is based on more than 50 years of experience in developing cargo pumps for LPG tankers"