Pump Room Systems

When offloading flammable liquid cargo, it must be done safely, smoothly and efficiently. With its 50 years of experience, Svanehøj has the know-how to optimise any kind of pump room system, from end-to end.

For tankers carrying less than four different segregations, our pump room solution is optimal since the cargo pumps can take suction from any cargo tank. All wear components of our pump room installed equipment are easily accessible and can be replaced at sea, and the entire Svanehøj concept is maintenance friendly. Our expertly designed heavy duty centrifugal pumps are made of superior materials from own foundry. These are installed in the pump room together with our unique stripping system.


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Versatile driver options

We can advise on and supply any prime mover arrangement that will optimise your efficiency, including high efficiency, low noise, low emissions electric systems and variable speed control to maximise flow rates and use less power.

Electric drive

  • Vertical or horizontal

  • Single speed or two speed

  • VFD/VSD solutions

Steam turbines

  • Vertical or horizontal

  • Single stage or multi stage

Diesel engine drive

  • Horizontal with clutch direct drive

  • Vertical with angle gear solutions

  • Combined solutions for Pump Drive and Gensets

Performance stripping systems

Through our pioneering expertise with Eureka systems, we invented in stripping systems are remain specialists in maximising cargo offloading efficiency, speed and reducing risk. Priming and capacity regulating systems convert any centrifugal pump into a self-primed unit for optimal discharge and stripping performance. Systems consist of air/gas separators with built-in strainers, auto stop/start vacuum pump units, capacity regulating valves and the latest within PLC based all electric control units for minimum cargo wastage and maximum profits.

Control systems

The electric signals indicating pressures, temperatures, and vibration, as well as the automation required for our stripping system are transferred by transmitters via Zener barriers located in our interphase cabinet to the cargo control room, where the actual cargo handling control takes place. The pump room pumps are connected to drivers located in the engine room through gas tight type approved flexible power transmission units.