In recent years, Svanehøj has positioned itself strongly as a leading supplier of long-shaft deepwell pumps, where the motor and other electrical parts are located on deck.


The new CS pump is a submerged pump that is installed at the bottom of the tank. This makes Svanehøj the first supplier in the industry that can offer both deepwell pumps and submerged pumps for electric fuel systems.


“With the new CS pump for LNG, we are strengthening our position in a rapidly developing market. We will differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering advice that is neutral in relation to the choice of technology. In this way, we want to ensure that the customer always gets the solution that best suits the specific project,” says Johnny Houmann, Director of Sales & Projects at Svanehøj.


Self-cleaning filter and permanent magnet motor

With the CS fuel pump (short for cryogenic submerged), Svanehøj introduces two significant innovations to the market: 


1) A self-cleaning LNG filter that prevents clogging, which otherwise causes increased wear and operational disruptions.


2) A new permanent magnet motor, which ensures higher efficiency and lower energy consumption than other motors on the market.

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Marine Log (English): https://www.marinelog.com/news/smm-svanehoj-develops-new-fuel-pump-for-lng-powered-ships/


Søfart (Danish): https://www.soefart.dk/article/view/866106/svanehoj_investerer_i_voksende_gasmarked_udvikler_ny_fuelpumpe_til_lngdrevne_skibe


Want to know more? Visit our CS pump subsite for more info: https://www.svanehoj.com/solutions/fuel-gas-solutions/cs-pump/