New Group Director seeks sustainable partnerships


With the appointment of Christian Rugholm as Group Director for Business Development and Strategy, Svanehøj increases its focus on strategic partnerships and investments that will help speed up the transition to climate-neutral fuels.


”Shipping emits 1 billion tons of CO2 every year. Let us change our common future and climate goals together.”


That is the appeal from Svanehøj, who has placed the green transition at the top of the agenda with the strategy "Let's Grow Together". The strategy concerns seizing new sustainable business opportunities and bringing Svanehøj’s competencies in the handling of liquefied gas into play in new contexts.


Svanehøj has chosen Christian Rugholm to be in charge of this process. Following nearly two years as Executive Business Partner, he is appointed as Group Director for a newly created Business Development and Strategy department.


- As a society, we are facing some serious challenges, and no one can bring about the necessary changes on their own. At Svanehøj, we actively contribute to the green transition inside the marine industry, and we wish to share our knowledge and experiences with other companies, institutions, and networks, so we, together, can do even more. Only through partnerships can we develop the technological solutions that our markets require for the green transition, says Christian Rugholm.


A stronger focus on business development

From his new position at Svanehøj, Christian Rugholm is to establish strategic partnerships and identify new possible markets, as well as business possibilities regarding the green transition. In addition, he will play an important role in Svanehøj’s strategic investments.


- It requires adaptability to continue our current growth in the future. Christian’s ability to challenge the status quo and see new opportunities has contributed significantly to Svanehøj’s positive development. The appointment is a strengthening of our business development setup as well as a signal that Svanehøj wishes to play an even greater role in the green transition, says Søren Kringelholt Nielsen, Group CEO.


The new business development and strategy function is part of the Svanehøj Group and therefore covers both Svanehøj Denmark, Hamworthy Pumps and the new department for land-based activities, Svanehøj Tank Control Systems.


Christian Rugholm has an MSc in Management Accounting and has been a part of Svanehøj since the start of 2021 from MHI Vestas, where he had the role of Business Development Specialist.