Gothia Tanker Alliance are making climate-savvy investments with pumps from Svanehøj

Gothia Tanker Alliance are making climate-savvy investments with pumps from Svanehøj
Swedish shipping companies wants to take sustainable shipping to the next level and have chosen Svanehøj’s electrically powered deepwell cargo pumps for seven new tankers.

Climate ambitions are high at the shipping companies in Gothia Tanker Alliance, which has invested over SEK 2 billion in new product/chemical tankers with PLC propulsion). The investment will take the Swedish shipping companies to the forefront when it comes to sustainable shipping.

Overall Gothia Tanker Alliance is expanding its fleet by ordering seven intermediate size P&C tankers, of which one was sold first year to Canada for trade in Great lakes.

All of the vessels are equipped with Svanehøj’s electrically powered deepwell cargo DL pump system. Gothia Tanker Alliance previously used hydraulic pumps, but has chosen to switch to electric pumps as part of its climate strategy.

– Electric cargo pumps are more energy efficient, so they help reduce our ships’ fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. We are reducing the risk of oil leaks and, at the same time, avoiding the noise nuisance which is experienced with hydraulic pumps, says Per-Anders Höglund, Vice Managing Director of Furetank AB, which is part of Gothia Tanker Alliance and owns three of the seven new tankers.

Electric cargo pumps are individually controlled by 50-60 Hz frequency converters in stepless control of the pump’s rotational speed. This reduces the wear and tear of all systems components, as well as reducing the generator ratings onboard.

The seven tankers are being delivered on an ongoing basis from 2019 to 2021, and Furetank is very pleased with the collaboration with Svanehøj:

– Svanehøj is a reliable and trustworthy supplier which stands by its commitments and acts quickly when you need it, says Per-Anders Höglund.

The vessels are built to a design developed by FKAB in collaboration with Furetank which has a special focus on having minimal impact on the environment, with a 55% CO2 reduction and an 86% NOx reduction.

According to a calculation from IVL (the Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd.), each of the new LNG tankers contributes a positive climate footprint equivalent to EUR 2.2 million per year compared to an equivalent ALT tanker.

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