New VLEC order is a strong signal to the market

New VLEC order is a strong signal to the market

With a new contract on pump systems for two new very large ethane carriers, Svanehøj is making a mark as the preferred supplier of deepwell pumps for this type of vessel.

Svanehøj is in full swing taking up a strong position in the market for pump systems for very large ethane carriers (VLEC).

Based on well-known solutions for generic gas carriers, Svanehøj has been hugely successful in expanding its range for the VLEC segment in the form of longer pumps with a larger capacity that can work efficiently at temperatures as low as -104°C.

Against this background, Svanehøj has secured an order for pump systems for two more VLECs. Both vessels will have a capacity of 98,000 m3 and are being built at the Jiangnan shipyard for Pacific Gas. The scope of supply includes 29-metre long deepwell cargo pumps and deepwell fuel transfer pumps, as well as deepwell fuel pumps for deck tanks and booster pumps.

“The enormous growth in shale gas extraction in the USA in recent years has increased the need for transporting liquid ethane. At Svanehøj we’ve worked purposefully to develop pump solutions for the new ethane carriers. With our existing references and now also the Jiangnan order, we’re sending out a strong signal to the market that our deepwell pumps are the preferred solution for transporting gas at sea,” says Key Account Manager Martin Andersen.

He explains that the customer, Babcock LGE, has chosen Svanehøj’s deepwell pump because it is a reliable and flexible multigas pump that is less sensitive to impurities and can handle a variety of liquefied gases including LNG, LPG and ethane at all gravities without any component changes. Furthermore, the fuel transfer pump is designed for a 25,000 hour / 5-year service interval, which means Pacific Gas can make do with one fuel transfer pump per ship. Finally, the pump is fitted with a foot valve retraction system, which means the pump can be serviced without having to empty the tank.

Facts about the order

Vessel type: VLEC (99,000 CBM, 59,000 DTW, min. temp. -104°C)

Client: Babcock LGE

Shipyard: Jiangnan

End customer: Pacific Gas

From October 2020 to April 2021, Svanehøj will deliver:

2*8 Deepwell cargo pumps DW250/200-3-K+IA with screw inducer for very low NPSH.

2*2 Booster pumps, NMB150e

2*1 Fuel transfer pumps EFP24-4

2*2 Fuel pumps 11-4 (installed in deck tanks)

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