Hamworthy Firewater Pump Packages

Fire Water Pump Packages are safety critical for offshore operators. Svanehøj designs system solutions to the highest NFPA 20 standards, with the reassurance of high quality pump technology at the heart of the system.

Our range of in-line centrifugal pumps or deepwell submerged pumps is available with a wide choice of drives and configurations, either contained or open for fire compartments.

We work with you throughout, from pre-FEED to Detail Design stages, to create your optimum custom solution for complete peace of mind.

NFPA 20 Controller

The NFPA 20 controller ensures that the pump operates according to the regulations given in NFPA 20.The FWPP system is supplied self-contained, and is in accordance with strict operational requirements such as when in fire mode, the controller will only start the fire pump when:

  • The fire main pressure drops below the set value of the pressure switch

  • Receiving a fire & gas signal

  • Receiving a manual start signal, either locally or remote

  • A wiring failure occurs (fail-safe design) 

Likewise in fire mode, the controller will only stop the engine when:

  • Engine overspeeds

  • Local stop button is pushed