First orders for new high-pressure fuel pump

First orders for new high-pressure fuel pump
A new version of the patented deepwell fuel pump enables Svanehøj to supply all pumps for gas handling on LPG carriers. The first full-scope orders have just been signed.


With further development of its DW fuel pump for liquefied gas, Svanehøj is now strengthening its position as the leading supplier in the LPG segment.


The new version of the patented DW fuel pump can deliver a discharge pressure of up to 55 bar with up to 30 bar suction pressure. This makes the pump suitable as a high-pressure pump on LPG vessels, where a pressure of 53 bar is required to supply the main engine.

A great advantage for customers

Svanehøj is already the market leader in deepwell pumps for cargo systems and deepwell low-pressure pumps for fuel systems on LPG vessels. With the new high-pressure fuel pump in the range, Svanehøj can now, as the only manufacturer on the market, supply all pumps for LPG cargo and fuel systems.


“It is a great advantage for customers, who get an optimised solution with one consistent pump technology – a reliable and future-proof solution which is less sensitive to impurities in the cargo and fully compatible with all liquid gas fuels. At the same time, we have the industry’s strongest service organisation with extensive experience in inspections, service, and calibration of cargo equipment,” says Johnny Houmann, sales director at Svanehøj.

Full-scope orders for new VLGC’s

Svanehøj has already secured the first full-scope pump orders in the LPG segment. Recently, the company signed a contract to supply fuel-, cargo- and booster pumps for two Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGC). The vessels are being built in China, and the pumps are to be delivered from December 2021 to June 2022.


“Great efforts have been put into this project to come up with a fantastic solution for the new high-pressure fuel pump. Once again, the clever base design of the Svanehøj EFP pump has made it possible to push the limits and meet our customers’ needs,” says Martin Andersen, Key Account Manager, Gas, at Svanehøj.

For each of the VLGC’s, Svanehøj will deliver:

2x deepwell LP-fuel pumps (EFP11-8) length 25 m.

2x deepwell HP-fuel pumps (EFP11-8) cryo-sump

8x deepwell cargo pumps (DW 250/300-3-K-IA) length 25 m.

2x booster pumps (NMB150e)

The DW Fuel pump – a future-proof investment

Svanehøj’s DW fuel (marine) pump is a multistage centrifugal pump that enables ships to comply with current and future requirements. The pump was developed for LNG, but it is fully compatible with other liquid gas fuels; LPG, ethane, and ammonia, as well as synthetic carbon-free electrofuels such as ammonia and SNG. The design of DW fuel pumps is based on the Svanehøj DW cargo (gas) pump, which is installed in more than 1,100 gas cargo carriers around the world. All the benefits of the larger gas pump also apply to the DW fuel pump, ensuring stability, optimised performance, high reliability, low OPEX and a 5-year/25,000 hours service interval.

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