From oil to electrofuels


The shipping industry has used oil as its primary energy source for decades, and it is now looking into a future where new technologies must take over.

But which technologies? And to what extent should they be brought into play?

At Svanehøj we have been looking into future fuels for years. Our DW Fuel Pump is a solution which enables a ship to comply with current and future requirements.In other words: The DW Fuel Pump is built to meet the full fuel flexibility which is essential for the shipping industry in a long and very complex transition to renewable fuels.

In this white paper we look into Power-to-X, which could be a key technology in the transition away from fossil fuels. Just a few years ago, Power-to-X looked like a distant vision for the future. But right now a growing number of countries – governments as well as industries – are placing large investments in the new technology.

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Download the white paper “From oil to electrofuels: Making shipping a zero-emission industry”