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Are you interested in how our gas pump solutions can support your business, please contact one of our colleauges below.


Johnny Houmann

Director, Sales & Projects

Mobile +45 24631218
E-mail jho@svanehoj.com

Hans Høyer Jensen

Head of Sales, Gas

Mobile +45 2161 8244
E-mail  hhj@svanehoj.com


Jesper Pradsgaard

Sales Manager, Gas

Mobile +45 2779 3751
E-mail jpr@svanehoj.com

Jan Jasper Haikens

Sales Manager, Fuel

Mobile +45 2761 4735
E-mail jjh@svanehoj.com


Jens Peter Lund

Sales Director, Asia

Mobile +81 90 9168 4011

E-mail jpl@svanehoj.com


Yu Zhuang

Sales Manager, China

Mobile +86 13585646080
E-mail yz@svanehoj.com


Martin Andersen

Key Account Manager, Gas

Mobile +45 2761 4700
E-mail ma@svanehoj.com


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Our pumps are the proven and reliable choice for all types of cargo at all temperatures and gravities

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