SVANEHØJ offers two different DW Cargo pump types for product and chemical tankers, the DL pump and the CKL pump, both designs informed by our extensive experience in the marine industry and thoroughly tested in our unique in-house testing tower at our facility in Denmark.

The DL pump range covers a capacity range from 30 m3/h to 500 m3/h.

Electric motor

The electric motor is explosion-proof and weather-proof and can be installed on deck.


Deck arrangement

The deck arrangement includes motor stool, integrated lubricating oil header tank, upper drive shaft bearing, purging, and stripping connections. The discharge flange is made according to EN 1092 PN16 as standard. Other standards, such as ANSI and JIS, are available on request.


Pipe stack

The pipe stack consists of a cargo pipe and an oil-filled drive shaft column with slide bearings. The oil-lubricated bearings are held in position by flexible O-rings. The transmission shaft is made of carbon steel alloy.

Pump head

The pump head has a double mechanical shaft seal, stainless steel shaft, and a ball bearing arrangement. The shaft seal arrangement consists of a primary seal against the cargo and a secondary seal against the lubricating oil in the drive shaft column. The cofferdam between the two mechanical shaft seals has pipe connections to deck for purging. The casing wear rings are easily accessible.


Additional components

We can provide additional pump components on request, such as a hydraulically-driven portable pump, ballast pumps, and an automatic stripping system.

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